Lactate threshold Assessment

If you are training for an event or want to perform at higher standard, this assessment will highlight what you need to achieve your goals. The point of lactate threshold testing is to learn the highest intensity you can sustain before high level of blood lactate hinder your performance.

Benefits of lactate threshold assessment

  • Assess your current fitness levels
  • Optimise training time using designated heart rate zones
  • Prescribe individualised training volume, intensity and recovery
  • Monitor your training progress: ideally you should have Lactate threshold assessment every 3 months. This enables you to track your fitness progress and fitness level and how it have changed over time and what factors have contributed to it.

Lactate threshold assessment at a glance

At UPFIT Performance Lab we measure lactate threshold by drawing blood at intervals during an incremental exercise test. This test is performed in a similar manner to VO2 Max testing and uses either a treadmill or stationary bike. The exercise intensity is increased in periods of about 3 minutes and blood samples are taken at the end of each period.

>What to expect at a Lactate threshold assessment?

Appointment time

It’s safe to set aside up to 75 minutes for your entire appointment in order to allocate for your warm up, cool down and explanation of the test from UPFIT coach

Test time

Please expect up to 15 – 20 minutes depending on your current fitness level and required test protocol

Clothing & What to bring

Please note that this is a fitness test to push you pass your limit, conducting on a treadmill or stationary bike. You are expected to sweat, achieve max heart rate and have a great short run/ bike. Please be sure to bring a towel, wear comfortable sport clothes and shoes.

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