Our after school and summer programs aim to create a platform to instruct students how to monitor and maintain their own health & fitness. Through physical exercises in small groups, students will develop healthy habits, physical skills, and knowledge of how their bodies work, all while having fun. The lessons they learn will help them excel at other sports and serve them for life. Our wide range of activities will also act as social lubricant, helping students to develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, and risk taking.

Our training programs revolves around Global Fitness*, a concept developed by our founder to build mentally and physically balanced individuals. The eight aspects of Global Fitness are: Strength, Flexibility, Stability, Coordination, Balance, Cardiovascular, Proprioception and Nutrition. For instance, whilst a runner or a swimmer may excel in cardio, he may lack muscle strength or coordination. Global Fitness creates balance in all areas, helping students excel at any sport they choose and keep them injury free.

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