Performance lab set the foundation for UPFIT unique and holistic approach to high performance living. From identifying how your body is using oxygen while training (as well as in daily life) to your daily posture to your metabolism, we use the latest equipment and technology to understand where you are in terms of your general health, functional movement, metabolism, regeneration. We design your program based on your specific data and what’s been proven in the field.

Resting Metabolic Rate
The key to your nutritional success. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test shows your calories burnt at rest, which account roughly for 70% of your total caloric burn throughout the day
Postural analysis - Bài kiểm tra phân tích tư thế
Postural analysis
Your overall alignment and how your body is moving and functioning may have a lot to do with your performance and chronic pains. Dynamic Postural Analysis give you a clear overview of your body & joint in motion.
Running Gait Analysis - Phân tích dáng chạy
Running Gait Analysis
Running gait analysis allows you to see components of your movement, such as your stride length and foot contact placement. It also shows where your joints might not support you efficiently and which movements are poorly controlled in order to have proper adjustments.
Lactate threshold Assessment - Phân tích ngưỡng lactate
Lactate threshold Assessment
Your lactate threshold is the level at which the intensity of exercise causes lactate to accumulate in the blood at a faster rate than it can be removed, making it the border between low- and high-intensity work. Understanding your lactate threshold could be the key to unlocking running success and breaking through performance plateaus.
Body composition analysis - Phân tích tỉ lệ cơ thể
Body composition analysis
Body composition analysis breakdown the number on the scale into its contributing components of fat, muscle and water. It describe your weight more accurately and is a predictor of the increased risk for certain chronic diseases.

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