Al Morgan with a strict training schedule for Kim Duyen

Duyen started to train with Al Morgan at UPFIT 7 months before her competition in Israel. It was a relatively short time to prepare for such a grand competition. As a result, Al gave Duyen a very intense and strict schedule. However, unlike most coaches or trainers, Al didn’t focus only on physical training. It was building good and healthy habits as well as strengthening her will power were what their training focused on.He also spent a lot of time talking to Duyen to understand who she wished to become (a successful businesswoman!) and trained her to become that person. Everyday, Duyen checked in with Al to share what her day looked like, what was her schedule of the day: what time she would train with him (or by herself on days she didn’t train with him), what time she would have her English class, or catwalk class or posing class…, what she would eat each meal… She had to plan everything in advance so when the day came she knew what to do and didn’t waste time on things that were not her priority.

That didn’t mean they didn’t train hard. Because they did! Her physical training started with 3 days a week, then 4 days, then 5 days a week. The intensity increased. And with that was her training to be stronger, not only physically but also mentally. Al gave her a wide range of exercises, from cardio, to resistance training, to strength training. She could run a few km and then came back and started doing burpees, inch worms, battle ropes… with little rests in between to build up her endurance and strength. Did she ever want to give up in between sets because she was too tired? She did at first. When asked what he did when she gave up, Al shared that he did nothing. He waited for her to regain her energy and then started all over again. And at some points, giving up became even more painful than continuing her exercises. And she stopped giving up. And she became stronger, doing 15, 20 reps instead of only 10 and gave up like before. And every time he trained with her, he would ask her: “Who are you?” she would say: “I am Miss Universe!” to imprint that belief, determination and confidence in Duyen.

Every time Al Morgan trained with Kim Duyen, he would ask her: “Who are you?” she would say: “I am Miss Universe!”

And that physical and mental training paid off! In spite of the long lock down back in August – October, Duyen kept her progress of being disciplined and focused, getting stronger mentally and physically to be the best version of herself in the competition in November. 

Her performance on 11th December showed us that!

Kim Duyen with her hourglass body, glowed in the evening gown competition of the semi-finals Miss Universe 2021 – Soure: Miss Universe


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