Resting Metabolic Rate

UPFIT Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR ) helps you identify precisely how many calories your body requires to simply exist; breath, carry out subconscious metabolic processes, etc. It accounts for approximately 70% of the calories you burn daily. Now you can get an even better idea of target calories to burn during your daily activity and exercise

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RMR Test at a glance

It’s a comfortable 20 minute breath-by-breath analysis test conducted at rest. We capture the number of calories that you are capable of burning while in a rested state and provide you with an actionable report that you can use to improve your exercise and nutritional regimens.

Benefits of RMR test

  • Customize your program: based on the result, we can tailor your nutritional plan according to your goals: weight loss, fat loss or athletic performance.
  • Eliminate guess work and frustration: your metabolism can provide insight into why you may have struggled in the past to achieve your goal and give you a clear foundation to start your journey.
  • Track your metabolism over time: You should restest on a quarterly basis, during your weight loss journey, fitness journey or otherwise in order to understand how your efforts have changed your metabolic rate or speed of your metabolism.

What to expect at a RMR test?

Appointment time

It’s safe to set aside up to 60 minutes for your entire appointment including 20 minutes test time as well as explanation of the test from UPFIT coach

Things not to do before the test

– Avoid eating up to 4 hours prior to your RMR test

– Avoid exercising before your test so you can be prepared to be in as much of resting state as possible

– Avoid ingesting any stimulant such as caffein prior to your test

What to wear

You can wear type of clothing but we recommend wearing exercise clothing for comfort during the test

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