Postural analysis

A postural analysis allows us to look at your overall alignment and assess how your body is moving and functioning and how your muscles and joints work together. A postural analysis is also a great way to understand performance limitations that could be caused by muscle imbalances.

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Benefits of postural analysis

  • A postural analysis can determine whether a person has any postural deviations, imbalances, muscle weaknesses, or any other faults in their movement patterns which could be causing pain or discomfort.
  • Preventing the spine from becoming locked into an irregular position as well as strain and overuse of muscles
  • Design a program that help fix your postural abnormalities and chronic pains due to poor posture to achieve your fitness and performance goals
  • Track your postures overtime: our clients prefer to check their postures every month to understand how their postures have improved as well as spot any abnormalities in its early stage.

What to expect at a Postural Analysis

The Postural Analysis is around 60 minute long, including test time and explanation from UPFIT coach. You are expected to do different movements. Please wear comfortable sport clothes and shoes.

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