UPFIT is more than just a place where high performers come to achieve their best

Using the latest technology combining with scientific methods and years of both international and local experience, we offer the best services in the market to keep you at your best – all the time, any time

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Get the result anytime anywhere, even at your own house, apartment gym or at your workplace. Your personal coach will work with you to create a training program that’s tailored to your goals and lifestyles.

Science is the backbone of our methodology. We use the latest equipment and technology in the market to understand where you are in terms of your general health, functional movement, metabolism… We tailor the training program based on your specific data and what has been proven in the field.
From group training to executive programs to fitness center management, we provide science-back methods to give your employees the best support they need to perform their best
Our small & age appropriate groups will help students develop healthy habits, physical skills and knowledge of how their bodies work, all the while having fun.

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UPFIT is a start-up company bringing health and fitness solutions to individuals and corporations.

Too often, exercise is thought of as a way to solve problems that already occurred. This is not us. We believe exercise is a crucial part of a high performance life. We believe that within each of us is a champion and by adapting a habit-based, sustainable approach to health and fitness, we can unleash our potential.

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Experience the best at UPFIT

Experience the best at UPFIT