Too often, exercises are thought of as a way to solve problems that already occurred. You can easily see this in hundreds of promotions from gyms, big or small. This is not us. We believe exercise is a crucial part of a wealthy life.

We don’t think of ourselves as simply a fitness company. We focus on providing our clients with exceptional, fun and challenging experiences. We are an experiential company. It begins and ends with our focus on people.

We are an experiential company
We are an experiential company

We invest in experience

Our founder Al Morgan has clients that have been with him since he first came to Vietnam. And they’ve been with him not because they need him to train them (many of them are experienced Iron Man or trail runners) but because of the connection, the relationship that they’ve built up from the first session they trained with each other. When Al founded UPFIT, he shared this philosophy with the coaches. And it becomes a very important part of our business. For many of our clients here at UPFIT, the relationship with our coaches is the beginning of some of the most amazing changes in their life. They eat better, move more, sleep better. And naturally, they step into a more positive lifestyle. They join races, train for IronMan, explore new destinations or do things that seemed impossible to them before.

Unlike many players in the market, we don’t own a gym! We bring our services to our clients because we value their time. So anywhere that they would like to train, whether it’s the park, their garden, their apartment gyms… we will be there with them. Because we don’t depend on equipment, we could design very flexible yet effective training programs. 

We invest in experience
So anywhere that they would like to train, whether it’s the park, their garden, their apartment gyms… we will be there with them

Our greatest asset

Undoubtedly, our coaches are our greatest asset. They inspire, motivate and work with our clients to achieve new goals, break new limits. When our clients talk to someone about the changes they are experiencing, they don’t talk about UPFIT, they talk about our coaches – or their coaches in this case.

When we recruit people, we prioritize great personality and attitude, our training program will fill in any specific gaps. Our coaches go through a rigorous 8-week training at our Performance Center, where they learn everything from the elements of the workout to nutrition to anatomy and biomechanics. Once they pass their training program, we invest considerably in further training and development. We believe only by doing that we can provide the promised experience to our customers.

Our coaches are our greatest asset
Our coaches are our greatest asset

What make us unique

We are a late comer in this market. We don’t compare ourselves to other players. We focus on meeting the needs of our customers and delivering the experience we promise and beyond, and creating a lasting relationship with our customers. But we do look out for innovation to push ourselves forwards.

Currently, 50% of our new business is referral. We don’t have big ad campaigns or sponsor influencers. Part of it’s because we operate on a limited budget. But the bigger part is because we value realness! Customers train with us, they like how they feel or how their bodies and mind changes for the better and recommend us to their families and friends

50% of our new business is referral

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