The epidemic has returned, Vietnam has been rated by the World Health Organization and the International Community as one of the few countries with the most effective anti-epidemic activities in the world. But not because of that, we neglect to protect our own health as well as the community. Please uphold the spirit of vigilance, limit gathering in crowded places if not necessary. Most importantly, exercise to have good health and “strong” resistance to cope with epidemics and to prepare for a peaceful Tet holiday with your family.

The upcoming wave of COVID-19 is worsening, be self-conscious to protect personal health and public health by following these practices:

  • By wearing mask and keeping the distance at least 2m, you already reduce the infection rate to 0%.
  • Implementing all other protection methods such as staying away from infection zones, washing your hands regularly.
  • Immediately notify or rush to local medical centers when there are signs of fever, cough, and tiredness.

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