Maintaining a workout while enjoying a long vacation is an issue that is questioned by every active person. Our mentality now often says that “Vacation is rest”, so the strike of the “lazy” reappears. But if you want to keep your whole body healthy and avoid being lazy after vacation, then running gently with warm-up exercises is a great solution.

Warm Up is a series of many exercises performed in a few minutes to warm the whole body, help blood circulation, increase blood flow to the muscle tissues, and help make muscles stronger and more flexible. In addition, combined with breathing exercises to strengthen movements such as stomach and intestines, thereby helping limit indigestion gas and bloating, as well as reducing pain when sitting for too long on New Year’s Day.

Here are some simple exercises that all you need are a non-lazy workout and a non-lazy spirit. Do this series of exercises with slow to fast movements. Warm-ups are most effective when you first get up 10-15 minutes to do exercises because this is the “golden time” to wake your body from resting state.

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