Exercise for Success

Writer: Caleb LeeHead of Fitness

Have you ever wondered what successful people usually have in common?Warren Buffet, Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook … they all workout and play sports regularly and consider it an integral part of their success. Regular physical activity like running, weight training or yoga… will help you function at a higher level across the board. And here are 4 reasons why exercise is a habit that leads to success.

Exercise Routine = Discipline = Success

As the renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” Everybody has goals in life. But what separates the successful from the rest is the self-control to what it takes to reach those goals. 

Adopting a solid fitness and lifestyle routine is one of the best ways to develop discipline. In order to live a healthy life, one must routinely practice self-denial. Skip your nightcap so you can be up early to train. Turn down that donut at the office so you don’t have to add 30 minutes of cardio to your next workout. 

This practice of self discipline will bleed through into all aspects of your life, enabling you to stick to your commitments that you make to your clients, staff, and mission. 

Build Confidence 

It’s no secret that confidence is essential to success. Of course, if you look good in your work attire, you’re going to feel more confident. But let’s put that to the side for now- no need to focus on the most obvious benefit of a fitness routine.

Simply starting a routine is often all you need to feel more comfortable in your own skin- nothing builds conviction like starting your day by improving your physical state. And as you watch your performance and physique progress, your confidence will improve incrementally. 

as you watch your performance and physique progress, your confidence will improve incrementally.

Manage Stress 

Believe it or not, exercise is a fantastic way to manage your stress. While the act of exercising itself may cause a temporary spike in your stress levels, regular exercise has an amazing effect on your stress levels through hormone management. 

This article published by Mayo Clinic outlines the benefits of an exercise on your hormones- namely by releasing your “feel good” chemicals: endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. 

And above all else, there is nothing like breaking a sweat and working through a challenging but satisfying workout to make you forget about your stress at work. 

There is nothing like breaking a sweat and working through a challenging but satisfying workout to make you forget about your stress at work.

Increase Focus

In a high-paced business environment, we are often called upon to not only remain extremely focused, but also quickly shift that focus, make split second judgments, all while managing a busy schedule. 

The great news is that those same hormones listed above are also linked to focus and memory. This study performed by neuroscientists asked human subjects to exercise in short durations between 15-60 minutes at a moderate to intense pace, and then perform tasks centered on rapid decision making and focus. The study found that cognitive function in the prefrontal cortex was drastically improved for an average of two hours post exercise, increased positive mood states for 48 hours, and increased function of the hippocampus (the structure responsible for learning and memory) for 48 hours.

So get some exercise and supercharge your brain!

 get some exercise and supercharge your brain

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