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UPFIT offers a variety of training & meal plans support you to reach your goal in an optimal manner. Whether you are in your initial stage of training or advanced level, UPFIT’s coaches tailor distinct plan and approach to meet your needs.

UPFIT’s Package journey


Trial session

10 sessions
Building the Foundation

24 sessions
Fitness & wellness building

36 sessions
Reap the Benefits

Level – Offers you a starting point to commit to exercises as well as foundation knowledge on basic movements, nutrition and what it’s like to work with a personal trainer. – Aims to improve your foundation by working more complex movements.
– You will learn how to better control your body coordination, balance, cardiovascular, endurance, muscular strength.
– Designed to deliver you the best results possible with all the tools necessary to maximize your true body’s potential.
– You feel very different, your performance is beyond what you dreamed of, and your friends will ask you what you’ve been doing!
Feature 2-3 training sessions / week2-4 training sessions / week3-5 training sessions / week
Free consultation
– Calculate your body fat percentage
– Understand your starting point
– Establish goals of fitness and wellness
Basic plan
– Make you feel familiar and comfortable with exercises
Mental benefits
– Improve your mood, memory, sleep and focus
See some small physical changes
– Lose a possible 1 – 3 kgs of sustainable weight
– Gain a possible 0.5 – 1.5 kg of solid muscle
Beginner’s nutrition
– Basics of making healthy food choices
Intermediate plan & Re-visit your goals
– Set new, more challenging goals with a more intensive program
Find your Rhythm
– Exercise becomes a habit
Basic food science:
– Create a personalized meal plan for you based on your lifestyle, calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient needs.
Level Up Your Workouts
– Move on to more challenging, exciting exercises
See more progressive physical changes
– Lose a possible 3 – 6 kgs of sustainable weight
– Gain a possible 1 – 3 kgs of solid muscle
Advanced exercise & Set your new goals
– Create lasting connections between your mind and body, further leveling up your fitness potential and taking your workouts to a new level.
Goal related nutrition
– Change your relationship with food (food as fuel to your goals).
– Create healthy eating habits, maintain consistency and create lasting physical changes.
See advanced physical changes
– Lose a possible 4 – 6 kgs of sustainable weight
– Gain a possible 1 – 6 kgs of solid muscle
Being more in control of your emotion & actions. You will also find yourself more calm, focused and optimistic   
Start setting new goals both physically and professionally.    

Consistency is the key to success

* Each person will have different starting points, physical statistics. You’ll find a tailored plan that guide people to improve on 3 pillars: physical, nutrition and mindset. Our Coaches, specialized in the mission of fitness, are committed to driving your goals forward, anytime and anywhere.

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