Running Gait Analysis

Running gait is the cycle a leg travels through during one step when running. Running gait analysis allows you to see components of movement, such as your stride length and foot contact placement. It also allows you to see where your joints may not be supporting you adequately, as well as where there are poorly controlled movements.

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Benefits of Run Gait Analysis

  • Gait analysis can be a powerful way to determine if you have any bad habits that are causing extra strain on your body.
  • Determine what short of shoes you need to get to correct any poor foot posture
  • Gait analysis can completely transform your walking and running style, making every day less painful.

What to expect at a Running Gait Analysis

The running gait analysis is around 40 minute long, including 10 minute running test and explanation from UPFIT coach. Please wear comfortable sport clothes and running shoes.

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