calories in tet holiday food

Let’s go through 9 “familiar” dishes during Tet holiday (Lunar new year), it is tasty but also contributes a significant downside to your lean diet – UNCONTROLLABLE WEIGHT GAIN.

Square sticky rice and sticky rice with mung bean

A medium “square sticky rice” size, divided in 8 slides are equivalent to 2000 calories. To burn off this such amount, you need to run for 3.5 hours

Caramelized pork and eggs

An irreplaceable dish in Vietnamese Tet holiday is Caramelized pork and eggs. A serving of this dish would take you an hour of swimming to burn off.

Chicken stew

100g of skinless chicken stew is 229 calories. Chicken breast alone is 165 calories/100g. Therefore, you have to consider carefully with appropriate portion!

Chinese Sausage

In 100g, Chinese sausage contains approximately 55g Lipid, 20.8g Protein, 52mg Calcium would provide 604 calories. Due to it contains a lot of protein, fat, mainly trans fat which easily leads to obesity and diabetes.

Pork meatloaf

“Chả lụa, giò xào, giò hoa, chả huế, chả bò…” remember every 100g of these foods equals to 600 calories when digested.

Spring rolls/ Fried rolls

Fried spring rolls / fried rolls almost every household has this dish on Tet. However, just 5 fried spring rolls provide more than 750 calories which is enough for you to squat 70 times to “release” these calories.

Pig trotters stewed with dried bamboo shoots

A small bowl of “pig trotters stewed with dried bamboo shoots” provides at least 1000 calories. To burn off this amount you need to do burpees for 30 minutes.


A glass of beer contains 150 calories, take this number and multiply it to the amount that you drink during Tet holiday. You will understand why your weight gains significantly after parties.

Soft drinks

A 300ml can contains 200 calories. Apart from additives such as artificial colors, chemical preservation, sugar, etc. will have negative impacts on your body, namely, diabetes, obesity.

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