”I feel like I’m starting to like running! “It is a pleasure when Coach Hieu Vo hears his friends and customers share this with him. As a friend, a personal coach, making friends or customers love sports is a happiness for Hieu.

Equipped and trained with specialized knowledge about nutrition and exercise at Upfit. And with experience as a sports player. Coach Hieu Vo will bring you healthy habits and make you love exercise more. At the same time, Hieu will help you get better nutrition for your health.

In addition, Coach Hieu Vo will help you outline specific plans and goals for your exercise. Step by step we will reach the final destination together. That goal could be building muscle, increasing endurance, or you want to participate in another sport… and above all, the goal is to create a sustainable exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle for you. It’s never too late to start changing your habits now. 

 “I want to convey the enjoyment and passion for sports to you. Training is about having fun, having to be healthy, and working out smartly to avoid unnecessary injuries. In addition, I also love running and have participated in many movement tournaments, so if you also love running and don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask me.”– Coach Hieu Vo shared



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