UPFIT X Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon

On 3 consecutive days 9th, 10th,11th April. UPFIT accompanied with thousand athletes from all over the nation who have come and participated in the Techcomnbank Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon 2021.UPFIT has shared knowledge about running via the workshop “Everything You Need To Know Before and After the Race” which was held on 9th April. Together with thousand athletes immersed in dynamic atmosphere leaded by UPFIT coaches. And also UPFIT had a chance to contribute a small part in supporting athletes to stretch in the post race as well as giving nutrition advises to ensure a fast-paced recovery. Lets take a look back at those emotional moments during the event and UPFIT hopes to see you soon in other races.

The moments UPFIT coaches do stretching for athletes

Techcom Bank Marathon UPFIT giãn cơ

UPFIT coaches demonstrate warm-up exercises in the pre-race

UPFIT’s workshop sharing competing experiences for runners