Benefits of corporate fitness

Whether you’re a multinational company or a local start-up, employees fitness is an investment that proves pay off in many ways. Globally, it’s been shown that when employees create new healthy habits, performance improves, at works and everywhere else.


From Fitness Center Management to Lifestyles workshops to Employee Fitness Solutions, give your employees the support they need to perform their best.


More than achieving a fitness goal, our group training builds camaraderie, strengthens friendship, encourages social support to help people become active and stay moving. Each group class is led by an UPFIT coach and features fun, effective movement to help people engaged during training and excited to come back. Even in training in groups, your team members deserve classes that are flexible to adjust to any fitness levels. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options and always look for new ideas.
Monkey Drills – UPFIT signature class
Functional exercises using bodyweights, featuring a wide range of exercises to create and strengthen neuromuscular connection. Games are incorporate in class to really push the team factor, making it the ideal choice for any team.
Obstacles Course – UPFIT signature class
For those who enjoy pushing their physical limits with a mix of running and challenging, creative obstacles. This class also prepare its participant for different obstacles race such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and even trail races, as well as acting as a place for building camaraderie and an outlet for your competitive drive.
ABSolute Core – UPFIT signature class
Abs has always been an obsession. This class does more than that. It does not only help you tone your abs, but also strengthen your core (lower back, glutes...) which in turn provide positive impact on your stability, back strength and overall everyday health.
Class on demand
From Yoga to Dance to HIIT, we can design and customize classes at any level that inspire your team to move, sweat and have fun! Let us know what you’re looking for!

Executive programs

We provide scientific based tests, nutrition consultation, strength and movement training sessions, as well as develop a personalized plan. We help you increase energy, decrease fatigue, reduce aches and pains, manage weight and even take on challenge such as half – marathon, Iron Man, Spartan Race… We aim at providing the tools and motivation you and your team need to to improve and sustain health and performance at workplace and at home. We can work together to improve health and performance of your leaders, creating a healthy and resilient leadership team.

Corporate fitness center management

UPFIT creates supportive environments that help people improve their quality of life. A smart design space equipped with strategic program and knowledgeable staff help shape your employees’ experience the moment they step in. UPFIT can manage facilities from small spaces to few thousand square meters.

We help you create the best experience for your employees from facility design to professional staffing
  • Launch: we help you to connect with the best vendors to provide your facility with the most suitable equipment, tailored to your employees’ needs
  • Manage: we cover everything your fitness center needs to run smoothly, from standard operating procedures, marketing, fitness program planning, safety protocols, reporting, customer service standards. We do not only maximize space usage. We maximize experience
  • Provide qualified, expert staff: to create personalized programs and initiatives that draw more employees/ tenants to participate in physical activities.
  • Offer the services your employees want: depending on your space, resources and employees’/ tenants’ interests, your fitness center service can include group exercise class, one on one initial physical assessment, team building physical activities, personal training, lifestyles workshops…

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Experience the best at UPFIT

Experience the best at UPFIT