Changing Your Mindset About Quarantine Through These 4 Affirmations

1. I’m safe at home

Instead of: “I’m stuck at home”

 I'm safe at home

It is so easy to tell yourself how boring lockdown is, but let’s think about it. Isn’t it super lucky that you still stay peacefully safe at home while many people are fighting this virus restlessly (shout out to our heroic health workers who are at the front-line).

I hope you won’t beat yourself up for complaining, but try to slow down and be grateful for what you have and what you don’t have to deal with. I know it’s different for everyone, but there must always be something to be thankful for in your life, right?

2. I will focus on what I can control and make my time at home meaningful

Instead of: “Quarantine sucks!”

I will focus on what I can control and make my time at home meaningful

Not being able to go out and have fun for too long doesn’t seem very pleasant. Although we are not capable of putting an instant halt to its spread (but we can together reduce it!), there are many things that we can control and make our time at home more delightful. If you’re struggling mentally or already have for a while, this is a perfect time to take special care of yourself. There are many things you can put in your self-care menu. Here are a few examples:

  • Don’t check the news and social media too often.
  • Eat mindfully and drink enough water.
  • Use the time to think about why you are struggling, what can you do to fix it, and write it down!
  • Be gentle with yourself. You’re trying your best!
  • Stay connected with friend
  • Before you complain about a situation, try to imagine three situations that are worse than the one you’re facing. You will realize, “maybe this is not that bad”.

Take good care of yourself! Remember, you are not alone.

3. I will do all those things that I told myself I’d do when I have time

Instead of: “I have nothing to do”

I will do all those things that I told myself I'd do when I have time

I am pretty sure that not just during this time that we have ever said: “I have nothing to do”. I used to tell myself that every weekend, then realize I had totally wasted my precious time that I could have used for my hobby or practice new skills.

Have you ever had anything to get done or started but always tell yourself “I will do it when I have the time”? Now you do! Why not using this time to do something useful, like develop your hobby, learn a new recipe, start a remote project, write an article, anything that you’ve always waited for the time to do? This is the time! Let’s all make it worthwhile!

4. I will use my time wisely to benefit myself

Instead of: “Let’s just kill time”

I will use my time wisely to benefit myself

“The key is not in spending time, but in investing it” — Stephen R. Covey

Okay, now we have the time, what’s next? Binge-watching Netflix, sleeping for 12+ hours a day, playing games from morning to night? Yes, and no!

It is obviously fine to relax and treat yourself a little sometimes but instead of devouring junk food days and nights, why don’t we use this time to try out new, healthy recipes? Instead of playing video games or binge-watching Netflix, we can pick up a book, develop our hobby, or play a board game with our family. It is hard to resist temptations, but I believe we are all responsible enough to make bold decisions for ourselves. You can do it, I know you can!

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