UPFIT high performance training program

What is it?

A program designed specially for high achieving, high performance individuals.  It’s a lifestyle management program with a uniquely holistic approach to high performance living, addressing all areas of Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration, building and maintaining habits that benefit your performance. 

When you change your behavior, you begin to function at a higher level across the board. Whatever it is you do, we will help you do it at the peak of your powers. You’ll move, fuel and recharge like a champion. All while living your life.

The power of high performance training

We were born different, and built different. And we all have our own reasons for training. As no two bodies are the same, the more effective and long-term you want the results to be, the more customised your program needs to be.

Your first step is the initial assessment (IS1), which includes an in depth medical, fitness and lifestyle questionnaire, body composition index, movement and postural analysis.

Your coach will evaluate your history and objectives to create a personal roadmap. Since needs, goals and lives change, the conversation and understanding between you and your coach are important. Because at the end of the day, it’s about performing at your peak while living your life

The team behind your results

A personal training program is only as good as the people behind it. With UPFIT, you’ll have a coach rather than a personal trainer.

UPFIT coaches have gone through a rigorous 80 hours of in-class time and 40 hours of applied education time at UPFIT (by far the longest in Vietnam), where they learn everything from the elements of the workout to nutrition to anatomy and biomechanics. They are qualified to design breakthrough programs that deliver not only results, but dramatic improvements in quality of life.

Get results wherever, whenever.

We train with you at the place and time that suits you. Whether it’s your home, your apartment gym or our performance center (in District 7). In the gym and out of the gym, you’ll keep getting the results.