Fundamentals of all diets

Currently there are many different dietary methods that we can name such as Low carb, Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting 16/8…if you are confused about which is the right diet method for you, let Upfit give you a hand. Although the methods and names of these diets are different, what they all have in common is that they both create a calorie deficit. If you are a person whose goal is to lose weight, it is very important to have a calorie deficit, but to set a diet menu, calculate calories and even cook is extremely important and it’s quite difficult for most people. So Upfit would like to show you some ways to cut calories without calculation for busy people.

1. Cut down on junk food:

70% of the causes of weight gain that Upfit coaches find is that weight gain is often caused by snacks and side dishes. For those of you who work in an office, who have little exercise and sit a lot, it can cause a feeling of boredom, which will easily lead to finding snacks as a way of entertainment, but accidentally, this turns it into a habit. Bad habits lead to weight gain.

2. Cut down on the number of main meals:

The method will be similar to the first method above but you will need to cut down on the main meal, which is also the core method of Intermittent fasting. Going from 5 meals to 3 meals or 3 meals to just 2 meals a day, you have created a calorie deficit.

3. Cut carbs in every meal:

Followers of Low carb, Paleo or Keto will surely be familiar with this method. By cutting back on the amount of carbs you eat at each meal, you’ve created a calorie deficit for weight loss.

4. Eat more vegetables and fiber:

Adding more fiber from vegetables will help stabilize your blood sugar to make you feel hungry longer and then eat less.

5. Get more active:

If you are the type of person who cannot eat less, we recommend that you choose to be more active. You can increase your mobility by exercising, working out at the gym, or at home with the guidance of coaches or moving more right at your workplace. Instead of using the elevator to get to the office, you should change to taking the stairs or switch from a sitting desk to a standing desk that will help burn more calories than sitting.