8 Things You Should Avoid Before Your Next Race

Congratulations! You’ve just finished the Techcombank Marathon! You’re probably thinking of everything that you’re going to eat after burning all of those calories. You deserve a good treat for yourself, so by all means, enjoy your next cheat meal. 

But hopefully, you enjoyed the race and are looking forward to your next challenge. Before you sign up for your next race, we’d like to show you a list of processed and foods that you should avoid at all costs to make sure that your focus, energy and performance are all working at a high level.

For today’s busy athletes, the choices are overwhelming and can be confusing due to misleading marketing. it’s not hard to see things on the package like “fat free”, “sugar free” or “made with real fruit”. Some unhealthy foods are even packaged as being made to help your athletic performance. But do you know what replaced the sugar, the fat and what else is in the food beside the real fruit? And how can something keep its freshness date to years ago? If you look more closely, you can see that most of these foods have ingredients that most of us cannot pronounce, let alone understand what they are. Yes, most of them are chemicals that may not harm us if we consume them once or twice per month, but daily consumption can severely affect your performance and enjoyment of your race.

Here is a basic list of foods that are commonly abused. The list could be expanded many times.

8 food you should avoid before your next race