6 Delicious Yet Calorically Malicious Foods

It’s not always easy to spot them because there are some foods that house excess calories you can’t see with the naked eye. You might love them, but you won’t love how fattening they are. Fair warning: Eat these 25 foods with caution to avoid going up in size. 

1. Avocado

Although avocados are full of heart-healthy fats and in no way are unhealthy for you, they do contain a whopping number of calories if you aren’t eating them in moderation. One whole avocado has about 322 calories, give or take the size. So go easy on the guacamole the next time you make some!

2. Shredded Coconut

It makes for a succulent addition to cakes or sprinkled on yogurt for added sweetness. Don’t be fooled by its featherweight appearance, however. 100 grams contains 680 calories, so take a spoonful, and put it away.

3. 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Everyone thinks white chocolate is the most calorie-dense in the family. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s dark chocolate with 70% cacao or more that carries the most caloric weight, thanks (or no thanks) to the cacao butter it contains. Still, milk chocolate and white chocolate aren’t far behind. Count about 560 calories for every 100 grams. Or just have two squares, and you’ll be safe!

4. Dried Fruits

Dried apricots, prunes, cranberries, etc. are fantastic additions to yogurt, desserts, oatmeal and other recipes. The only downside is their high sugar content, which leads to a devastating 500 calories for every 100 grams.

5. Sushi

Sushi is often touted as a “healthy” restaurant food, and a lot of it can be! On the other hand, it can also be a calorie bomb meal, depending on what you order. One salmon avocado California roll has about 300 calories, so if you’re going for that, pair it with something like sashimi to cut down on the rice. Also avoid the overly fancy rolls with tons of extra ingredients, which are fun to eat but not so fun when you realize how many calories they have.

6. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is good for you, generally speaking. It’s most widely used in curries, desserts and soups, among other things and is great for adding a creamy, naturally sweet dimension to your dishes. Just be aware that it has 230 calories for every 100 grams, so don’t go overboard.