Too often, exercise is thought of as a way to solve problems that already occurred. You can easily see this in hundreds of promotions from gyms, big or small. This is not us. We believe exercise is a crucial part of a high performance life.

Science is the foundation of our methods. We use the latest technologies and equipment, under the direction of high level personal coach, to design a program that suits you, your goals and lifestyles. We push further by providing you with excpetional, fun and challeging experience so that whatever your learn will stick with you.


Our founder – Al Morgan

Al has more than 30 years international working experience in the fitness industry, of which he spent the last 15years in Vietnam. He is regarded as the person who set up the Personal Training industry in Vietnam. Al has not only helped hundreds of people change their life with his fitness expertise and inspiration, but also, has educated and grown many generations of trainers in the country.

He pioneers the concept of mastering small and positive habits through physical activities. Fitness to him is not about physical appearance but how you perform, feel and live each day. He believes that “a strong body leads to a strong mind and healthy lifestyle, which makes it possible to live an incredible life”. He founded Upfit in the middle of 2019 to embody his philosophy on life, mindset and training.

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Experience the best at UPFIT

Experience the best at UPFIT