3 Vitamins You Can’t Overlook This Quarantine

Staying healthy during this pandemic is what we should pay the most attention to. In addition to strictly following the “5K” recommendation, we should also enhance our physical health by exercising and having a healthy nutrition plan.

In addition to eating enough nutrients, you should still pay attention to supplementing yourself with the following vitamins to help your body stay healthy and full of energy!


For starters, Vitamin C is very important to continuously replenish. It is proven that the body doesn’t produce or store it naturally, therefore it’s important to make sure our bodies have enough of it. By taking Vitamin C supplements, you could reduce your risk of chronic disease, manage high blood pressure, lower your heart risk disease, and even prevent iron deficiency. Students across universities find this vitamin the easiest to consume instead of taking vitamin pills. Faith Williams, an AUP Junior, believes it is easier to, “consume these vitamins through oranges, leafy greens, and carrots.” This can be a good alternative if taking supplements is not your cup of tea. 



According to Berkeley alum, Ian Olsson, who studied nutrition and utilizes it in his life everyday, Vitamin B6 is another essential vitamin to take. These can support biochemical reactions and are in high demand on the market. “It is said to boost brain health. At a time like this, it is very important, especially while quarantined that we have adequate Vitamin B as our mood is all over the place. These vitamins can potentially reduce symptoms of depression, giving you energy and ultimately maintaining a healthy brain,” Olsson says. According to Williams, she also views Vitamin B as an essential vitamin to take during quarantine. “I take the liquid version as I am anemic,” she says. She also recommends eating chia and hemp seeds, which are rich in vitamins as well.



Vitamin D is the last vitamin I believe should make the list. These are essential to absorbing calcium and promoting bone health, something we will need for the rest of our lives. It also offers adequate skin protection. In fact, vitamin D has an immune-modulating effect and is said to lower inflammation, which has been said by some to help combat respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. Olsson reports also that not getting, “enough of Vitamin D is proven to lead to bone loss,” which could be fairly dangerous especially as we age, and also believes that, “areas that are less exposed to the sun have more bone loss percentages in adults than those in sunnier cities.”

While these supplements could all be very beneficial, it is important to note that nothing combats a healthy diet, one that is rich in whole grains, leafy greens, fruits, and proteins, whether plant-based or not. Doing so is the key to maintaining a strong immune system capable of fighting diseases or cases of flu during the winter.


Source: http://peacockplume.fr/

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